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The Pot Law that Could be a “Deal-Breaker for the Drug War”

This Election Could Determine the Future of Pot in America

All the 2016 Candidates Support Legal Weed — Sort Of

Marijuana Adult-Use Legislation Reaches Vermont Governor’s Desk



Can Medical and Recreational Weed Coexist? 

Legal Weed and Other Silver Linings

The Ultimate Manual for Fighting for Your Rights, Effecting Change, and Getting Shit Done  (print feature, available in March/April 2017 issue)



U.S. Sentencing Commission Reviews MDMA Guidelines

Well-Known Guitarist Deported from the Middle East for a Vape Pen

The Mother of All Marijuana Votes! The Ultimate High Times Election Guide

Extract Artisans Look Warily at New Protections in California

Weed Wins! So No What? (print feature, available in March 2017 issue)



Was Moses Tripping When He Saw the Burning Bush? Should You Try?

Alt-Right Website Tries to Weed Out Jews From Drug Reform

Experimental NY Rabbi Engages by Keeping Judaism Honest

‘Jewish Woodstock’ Stokes Spiritual Sparks at NY-Area Music Festival

Salty Lyrics and All, This Kosher Rapper is the Real Dill

Shunned at Home, an Israeli Expat Musician Makes it in New York

Matisyahu Delivers Sobering Anti-BDS Message in New Single

In Ultra-Orthodox Fashion, You Can Tell A Lot About a Person By His Buttonholes

The Orthodox Mastermind Behind ‘Jewish Cool’

The Hip Young Rapper Who Sings About Unicorns



The History of Women and Weed

How is this 4/20 Story Different From All Other 4/20 Stories?

Sex, Sexism, and Pitbulls at Trim Camp

The Cannabis Industry is Too White

Oakland’s New Regulations Aim to Bring Racial Equity to Its Cannabis Industry

Is Anti-Weed Attorney General Jeff Sessions “More Bark than Bite”?

How to Not Freak Out When You Get Too High

Pot for Purim: Can You Replace Wine with Weed on Judaism’s Most Festive Holiday?

The White House Might Crack Down on Weed

How to Extract Weed Concentrates Without Blowing Up Your Kitchen

New York State Expands Its Medical Marijuana Program

Everything You Should Know About Getting Drug Tested For Weed

California Bill Would Forbid State Agencies From Cooperating With Feds in Weed Busts

Will Congress End Marijuana Prohibition?

Grass for Your Ass: The Case for Cannabis Suppositories

LA’s Best Hiking Spots for Weed Tourists



Cannabis Now Has Its Own Congressional Caucus



What’s Really Inside Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge? 

Cannabis Legalization in California Is Enabling Former Offenders to Move On With Their Lives

The Curious Case of Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome



Bicycling for LSD — Why Psychedelics are Best Celebrated on Two Wheels

Mormons for Marijuana? Utah’s Unique Path to Medical Pot

Marijuana Addiction — Is There a Pill for That? 



How Medical Marijuana Farming in Israel Could Help California’s Cannabis Industry — And Vice Versa

How Will Small Marijuana Businesses Fare in the Wake of Proposition 64?

Kosher Marijuana Edibles Are a Sabbath Necessity for Observant Jewish Stoners

Cannabis Concentrates Have a Problem With Pesticides

LA’s Spiritual Communities Use Marijuana to Reach a Higher Power

How Marijuana Legalization Could Change the Way Parents Talk to Their Kids About Pot

How Will Marijuana Legalization Affect California’s Black Market Exports?

What Does 2017 Hold for California’s Marijuana Economy?

How Cannabis Businesses Can Deal With Drug Trafficking Tax Code 280E

This Cannabis Project Will Help Military Veterans Get Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Cannabis Couture: Pot Products By and For Women Could Make 2016 the “Year of the Upscale Cannabis Consumer”

Whoopi Goldberg Explains her Pot-for-PMS Products, Whoopi & Maya

Stewart Richlin’s Long Strange Trip to Become a Weed Lawyer

Millennials’ Marijuana Use Has Risen, But Pales to Baby Boomers’ Hazy Days



Should Pro-Athletes Have to Keep Off the Grass?


VICE / Motherboard

Kosher Internet: A Niche, But Necessary Market for Ultra-Orthodox Jews

The Mormon Fight for Medical Marijuana

I Tried a Weed Vape Designed to Alleviate Stress

Do Psychedelic Trips Change Your Political Views?

Is Donald Trump So Popular Because of How He Talks? A Linguistics Explainer

How the Ultra-Rich Smoke Weed

Sometimes Mindfulness Means Getting High at a Music Festival

Synthetic Weed Gets FDA Approval, This Time in Liquid Form

How the Brain Processes Language on Acid is a Trip

Marijuana Is a Natural Aphrodisiac — If You Don’t Get Too Dang High

‘Bey-Script’ Users a Clever Beyoncé Analogy to Teach Non-Techies How to Code

The DEA is Banning A Little Known Medicinal Plant Called Kratom

This is How Ayahuasca Affects the Brain

A New Study Says More People Use Marijuana and Fewer People Think It’s Risky

Secondhand Weed Smoke Is Bad for Rats. What About Humans?

A Data Scientist’s Emoji Guide to Kanye West and Taylor Swift

A Google Maps Glitch Turned This Korean Fishing Town Into a ‘Pokemon Go’ Haven

Bitcoin is Not Currency, According to Jewish Law

This Court Decision is a Win for Medical Marijuana and Innovation

An Athlete Died After Being Tased. Are Tasers More Dangerous Than We Think?

Cops Test New Weed Breathalyzer on California Drivers

This App Helps You Pick Out the Right Strain of Medical Weed

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Cannabis Could be Legalized in Vermont by the Summer

Could Medical Cannabis be a Touchdown for Pro Athletes?



Meet Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli Godfather of THC

Rapper Kosha Dillz’ Judaism Remains Inspiration on Third Album



Israel: The Land of Medical Marijuana

New York’s Compassionate Care Act Challenged



Psychedelic Drugs Might Actually Tap Into a Higher Power

The Singularity Could Be Closer Than You Think

War Algorithms Will Save Lives Unless They Kill Us All

Hedgehogs Hold the Secret to Preventing Concussions

How Fuzzy Logic Flies Fighter Jets

How Does the Story of “Killer Robots” End?



Meet Tubi, the Cult Liquor That’s Your Next Obsession

Millennials are Saying Yes Way Rosé All Year Long, Disrupting Champagne’s Grip on Affordable Luxury



Aug. 14, 2015 Cover Story — Can Israel Help California Solve Its Drought Problem? 

A-Wa, a Yemenite Israeli Pop Trio, Gains Popularity Around the World

Why Jewish Anxiety Is No Laughing Matter

He’s Saying Hashem, But it Sounds like Hare Krishna

Is Hebrew a Language to Bind Us, or to Bore Us?

The Mizrahi Thorn in the Side of the Israeli Left

After Charleston, Houses of Worship Debate Saving Souls vs. Saving Lives

How Birthright is Failing the Pro-Israel Cause

Terms of Endearment: Judy Brown’s Memoir “This Is Not A Love Story”  (click here for the Yiddish translation)

The Problem with Mammograms

Why Clueless Heroine is Still a Role Model

How an Eritrean Refugee Taught Me About Passover

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Congress Votes to Ban Confederate Flags from VA Cemeteries

Vegan Cafe in Tbilisi Gets Attacked by Meat-throwing Mob

Gender-segregated Hours for Hasidic Swimmers Make a Splash in Brooklyn

Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Gains Popularity in Europe

Germany Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Angering Turkey

DOJ Launches Efforts to Help Former Inmates Reenter Society

Lawsuits Break Out in Florida Over Medical Marijuana Licenses

Flee Trump, Find Love: Canadian Dating Site Calls to American Singles

Why Cinco de Mayo is More Celebrated in the US than in Mexico

From the Tiber to the Ganges, Volunteers Gather to Clean Waterways

Newlywed Website in Nepal Promotes Family Planning Before ‘I Do’

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A few stories from the cannabis beat:

Nov. 4, 2015 Cover Story — Chronic Pain: Legal medical marijuana was a 20-year obsession for Assemblyman Richard Gottfried. So why isn’t he happy?

This Manhattan Matchmaker is Starting a Dating Site for Weed Smokers

Get Ready to See Hemp Fields Cropping Up in New York

How Does the DEA Determine the Value of Confiscated Marijuana?

This Group Wants New York City to Set Up Its Own Medical Marijuana Program

Is New York Behind the Democratic Presidential Candidates on Pot?

This Lawyer Wants to Help the Losers in the N.Y. Marijuana Sweepstakes

New York Medical Marijuana Company Has Its Weed Certified Kosher

A Brooklyn Duo Want to Better Prescribe the Medical Weed Your Brain Needs

Do Fewer Marijuana Arrests Mean a Change in the NYPD’s Policing Philosophy?

Women Create Their Own Opportunities in New York’s Growing Cannabis Industry

New York Medical Marijuana Activist Delivers 100K Signatures Asking Obama to Ax DEA Chief


Other stories for the Voice:

Patricia Field to Close Her “Fashion Bazaar” of an Iconic NYC Boutique

Could New York Soon Offer Injection Facilities for Heroin Addicts?

These ‘Feminist Shock Jocks’ Don’t Care If You’re Offended by their Podcast

Kosher Punk: Meet Girls-Only Hasidic Rockers Bulletproof Stockings

The NYC Homeless App, Formed from Complaints to Facebook

DIY Made the Radio Star: How a Brooklyn Station is Changing the Game

This Group Wants to Help Lower Rents by Buying Real Estate as a Collective

New Documentary Aims to “Complicate” the Narrative about Sex Workers

How to Teach Girls to Code (and Deal with Brogrammers)

This Brooklyn-Based Artist Got Her Start as an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Schoolgirl from Borough Park

Heroin Overdose Antidote Now Available Citywide

This Queens Couple’s Satirical Fatherhood Magazine Celebrates a “Particular Kind of Dad”

Columbia Student Workers Fight Administration for the Right to Unionize

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Women Create Their Own Opportunities in New York’s Growing Weed Industry



Are Esrogim the Perfect Fruit?

Crown Heights Gallery Show Aims to Defend Israel Through Art


Self-Published Articles Written at Columbia Journalism School

Emojis in Court Evidence

Taking the Hula out of Hooping

Tom Kelley Photo Exhibit Opening at Milk Studios

Zei Gezunt